Are you ready to experience personal transformation with NeurOptimal®?

Life has recently thrown us many challenges

If you, or someone you love, are troubled by stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, a concussion or TBI, or if you want to enhance your physical or mental performance, NeurOptimal® could be the extra support you are looking for. 

How can NeurOptimal® help me?

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but for most of us, our central nervous system can become unbalanced by the mental and physical challenges of daily life, resulting in :

• memory problems  
• attention deficit and/or hyperactivity 
• post-traumatic stress  
• insomnia 
• feeling low or brain fog 
• poor academic or professional performance 
• feeling anxious or overwhelmed 
• headaches, colds and infections  
• irritability 

NeurOptimal® a safe and natural solution to resolve your issues, by helping your individualized brain learn to function at its best. 

My Story —

We lost our daughter suddenly and I became severely depressed and anxious. I tried many antidepressants, anxiety medications and counseling. I also went through major back surgery.

At my lowest point, I was told about neurofeedback! I feel that it saved my life.  It helped me through the pain and side effects from anesthesia, and I became mentally strong again. Allowing me to cope with the loss of our daughter.

Neurofeedback has given me my life back, and helped me in so many other areas.

I'm so excited to help as many people as I can improve their quality of life, as it did to mine. 

- Sheri Kropf 

The  B​enefits of NeurOptimal®

 Neurofeedback is not a system of diagnosis nor a medical treatment. It is a tool that allows the brain to optimize itself. Every single person, no matter how challenged, benefits when their brain operates more effectively.

NeurOptimal® is a relaxing and safe, yet powerful solution used by people of all ages. Children, students and adults use neurofeedback to improve their personal development, social interactions, artistic and physical performance, academic potential, and overall well-being.

 As a NeurOptimal® user and trainer, I would be happy to answer your questions and share my personal and professional experience with you.


Many NeurOptimal® users report life-changing results. Elite athletes have used NeurOptimal®, reporting improvement in their physical performance and mental stamina. Sufferers of sleeplessness report improved sleep. Veterans use it stating it helps relieve the extreme challenges they face returning home from a war zone. Mentally clouded individuals, due to injury or life circumstances, tell us how after using NeurOptimal® they’ve rediscovered clarity to an extent they and their loved ones once believed unattainable. Brain training with NeurOptimal® has helped improve the lives of children suffering from communication and social challenges, and general difficulties focusing in school.  And many challenges stemming from stress commonly fall away when the brain is trained for optimal function. 

Some suggestions for its use are:

•  Wellness enhancement
•  Stress reduction
•  Preparation for testing: improved focus, attention and retention, reduction of test anxiety
•  Academic and job enhancement
•  Athletic and sports training
•  As part of an anti-aging program
•  Enhancing creativity and awareness
•  Facilitating return of veterans into home and work life
•  Enriching family and work relationships.

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What is NeurOptimal® and how does it work?

It is a safe and effective computer-based program that mathematically mirrors, through auditory and visual feedback, what the brain is doing moment by moment so that it may renormalize itself. 

It does this by detecting and monitoring changes in cortical patterns and mirroring the brain activity which may be undermining optimal functioning.

 Just as standing in front of mirror encourages you to adjust your posture or your hair, receiving the feedback of the NeurOptimal® system causes the brain to self-correct and make its own adjustments. This happens over and over until the optimal state becomes your new way of functioning.

Tony Robbins says neurofeedback helped him be more efficient, creative...(read more)

What Happens in a Brain Training Session?

During a neurofeedback session, two tiny sensors on your head and clips on your ears record the electrical activity of your brain.  While lying back in a comfortable chair, the NeurOptimal® system plays music and beautiful images are projected on a screen. Most find the 33-minute session so relaxing they fall asleep.  The system analyzes your brain’s activity and mirrors back the information in the form of “feedback” presented as very brief pauses in the audio. Since the brain is wired to detect change, the feedback triggers a response.  Upon receiving the feedback (new information) the central nervous system is alerted to the change and because of the brain’s neuroplasticity, it makes its very own instinctual adjustments. The result is an effortless release of old patterns/habits and a transformation towards optimization. 

We know that given the right information, the brain can transform itself effortlessly. With NeurOptimal® the expertise is the software — making powerful and safe transformation accessible for everyone.

Because NeurOptimal® is “dynamical”, meaning it provides highly-individualized training, it is effective. Because people have trained for over 3 million hours world-wide, the system is time-tested. Because it is non-invasive, it is safe.Be aware that while there are other forms of neurofeedback, NeurOptimal® is the only form that responds to the entire central nervous system.